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The Artificial Silk Industry.—III

Converting Wood into Silken Fabric

By W. P. Dreaper

The French Antarctic Expedition

Radium in Disease

An Infant Branch of Therapeutics

Constructing the Paris Subway

A Description of the Freezing Process Employed

By Lucien Fournier

Electric Drive for Ships

Wright vs. Paulhan

Extracts from Affidavits and Judge Hand's Decision in the Case of the Farman and Bleriot Aeroplanes

Aeronautics and Electricity

Airships, Wireless Telegraphy, and Atmospheric Electricity

By H. Thurn

Colors of Sea and Sky

Japanese Pearl Culture

Women Who Dive for Pearls

By T. Kume

A Simple Method of Electroplating

The Expansion of Air by Heat

Some Simple Experiments

A Novel Hydrocarbon Engine

A Variable-Stroke Gasoline Motor for Automobiles

The Origin of the Lunar Craters

A Consideration of the Impact Theory

By T. J. J. See

Chemistry in the Last Forty Years

A Brief Sketch of its Remarkable Development

By W. Nernst

Converse of the Principle of Archimedes

By F. C. Van Dyck

The Six Hundredth Anniversary of the Turret Clock

Rosin Soaps

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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