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The Sixty-Inch Reflector of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory

By E. A. Fath

Sven Hedin's “Trans-Himalaya”

Discoveries and Adventures in Tibet

The Ancient and the Modern Abacus

The Oldest Counting Machine

By Daniel Arthur

Story of the “Pourquoi-Pas”

The French Antarctic Expedition

By Jean Charcot

The Mechanism of Progress

A Theory of Inventiveness

By R. S. Woodworth

An Electro-Magnetic Sounding Apparatus

by the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Modern Stereotypy

The Mechanics of the Newspaper

By Henry A. Wise Wood

Wind Statistics for Aeronauts

Substitutes for Rubber

Artificial Compounds

Mechanical Oddities

Clever Inventions

The Design of Aeroplane Motors

A Critique of Engines

A Box with Secret Opening

A Suggested Improvement in Aeroplanes

Velocity and Stability

By A. Melin

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Electrical Notes


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