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The Roosevelt Dam

Wate and Power Development at Salt River, Arizona

By Edmund G. Kinyon

Engine Rooms—Ancient and Modern

The Purest Water not always the Best

Tire Inflation and Adjustment

New Methods of Polar Exploration

An Account of the Coming Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions

By F. Mewius

Alexander Agassiz, For.MEM.R.S.

Steam Turbine Electric Locomotive

Transmission of Electric Waves

A Self-Lighting Electric Alarm Clock

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Problems in Marine Construction

Proceedings of the Institution of Naval Architects

Impure Water and its Effect on Fish

The Oceanographic Museum at Monaco

A Description of the New Building

Observations made at the Yerkes Observatory, 1902-1909

By E. E. Barnard

Comets' Tails and the Earth

The Earth'S Passage through the Tail of a Comet 804 Years Ago

By Wilhelm Krebs

About Mount Etna

Charles Dickens and Donati's Comet

“Chips from the Comet”

Quartz Products

Thermal Radiations of Great Wave Length

Visible Molecules, Corpuscles, and Ions?

The New Theory of Matter

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Science Notes


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