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By W. E. Castle

Irish Linen.—II

Some Features of its Production

By William Crawford

Shellac and the Lac Industry

A Mysterious Aid to Civilization

By G. Clarke Nuttall

A Profile Puppet-Show.—III

How it can be Made and Used

By A. Roze

The Manufacture of Glass

Scientific Developments in the Glass Industry

By R. Schaller

Commercial Motor Vessels

The Success of the Marine Internal Combustion Engine

The Liberation of Electrons during Chemical Reactions

Chains for Power Transmission

The Mallet Locomotive in Service

The Performance of a Wonderful Engine

The Chemistry of Body Secretions

Regulation of the Processes of the Body

By William H. Howell

Rubber and Fiber Combination

Measuring Instruments of Long Ago.—III

The Mechanical Application of Geometrical Principles

By William E. Stark

The Rodiyas: A Race of Outcasts

A Novel Radiometer

Tails and their Uses

Why Nature Created Caudal Appendages

By James Newton Baskett

The Planet Mercury

Recent Observations

By W. F. Denning

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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