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A Sawdust-Compressing Machine

By Charlton Lawrence Edholm

Great Masonry Arches

Recent American Locomotives

An English Viewpoint

Winners of the Rand Stope-Drill Competition

Some Principles of Efficiency

Curing a Sick Industry

By Harrington Emerson

The Processes in Cotton Spinning II

A Review of an Interesting Industry

By Leon A. Hackett

Lord Kelvin

His Work in Telegraphy and Navigation

By J. A. Ewing

The Elasticity of Timber


A Summary of Recent Studies

By Ellery B. Paine

Oil Field Phenomena

The Occurrence and Recovery of Petroleum

By A. Beeby Thompson

The Death of Prof. Cannizarro

A New Agricultural Investigation

Isolating Harmful Organic Substances in the Soil

The Number of Animal Species

Soured Milk

Its Nature, Preparation, and uses

By R. T. Hewlett

The use of Anesthetics for Plants

Artificial Acceleration of Growth

By S. Leonard Bastin

Squibs, Fuses, and Detonators

Hints for the Miner

By C. E. Munroe and Clarence Hall

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

The Scientific American Supplement Index for Vol. 69


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