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New and Improved Devices for Fish Culturists

By Alfred E. Fuller

A Possible Land Connection between Asia and North America

The Study of Meteors

The 30,000-Ton Battleship

Its Effect on Naval Policies

A New Type of Submarine Boat

Bayer's Duplex Boat

The Properties of Organized Matter

The Musical Flea

The Electrification of Railways.—I

An Imperative Need for the Selection of a System for Universal Use

By George Westinghouse

New Facts about the Planets

The Earth and Comets' Tails

The Events of May 1 8 - 20, 1910

Tantalum Dental Instruments

Is there Absorbing Matter in Space?

An Examination of a Great Nebulous Region

By E. E. Barnard

The India-Rubber Industry.—I

Past, Present, and Future

By Philip Schidrowitz

The Steam Turbine

Its Theory Simply Explained

By William E. Snow

Farm Poultry Pats Well under Right Management

The Future of the Human Race

A Geologic Forecast

By T. C. Chamberlin

Girls need Science for Good Home Making

Wireless Telegraph on the Union Pacific Railroad

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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    July 09, 1910

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