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Hittite Stele from the Environs of Restan and Hittite Monuments of Arslan Tepe

By P. S. Ronzevalle

An Improved Single-Stage Air Compressor

Sirius, the Dog-Star

“The King Of Suns”

By Arthur K. Bartlett

Some useful Knots for Engineers

Things the Engineer should know about Knots

By A. Livingstone Oke

The Decomposition of Water by the Ultra-Violet Rays of the Sun

By Karl Stoeckl

A Wireless Telegraph Station—I

How to Construct a Looo-Mile Receiving Station

By Edward H. Guilford

What the Census Bureau is Doing

A Review of the Present Status of Its Numerous Inquiries

Machines and Living Creatures

Lifeless and Living Transformers of Energy

By Wilhelm Ostwald

Recent Progress in Aviation.— I

The Present State of the Art

By Octave Chanute

Wireless in German Fisheries

Non-Alcoholic Beer

The New York Skyscrapers

Interesting Facts Regarding the Era of Tall Buildings

By Thaddeus S. Dayton

Making Sapphires in the Laboratory

The Process of Manufacture and Properties of Synthetic Sapphires

By A. A. Heller

How to Test Seed Corn in School

Some Simple Suggestions

By A. C. True

Type-Cleaning Preparations

Sodium Silicate and Concrete

The Effect of One on the other

By Albert Moyer

Engineering Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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