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The Manufacture of Quartz Goods


A Curious Industry of the Society Islands

A Precision Slide Rule

By A. N. Lurie

The Surface Dimensions of Paper

Southeastern Alaska

Hoisting Boats Electrically

The Anderton Electric Driven Canal Boat Elevator

By Frank C. Perkins

Foundry Flasks—United States Standard

Light and Electromagnetism

Electric Waves and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light


A System of Transmitting Optical Images Electrically

By Henry Sutton

Some Minute Phenomena of Electrolysis

How Fish are Hatched.—II

Fish-Cultural Practices in the United States Bureau of Fisheries

By John W. Titcomb

Principles of Mechanical Flight

Some Figures Relating to Flights of Birds

A Turbo-Electric Locomotive

New Investigations in Physics

Interesting Studies from Different Sources

Killing Germs by Light

Ultra-Violet Rays and the Sterilization of Liquids

By G. Loucheux

Preservative Treatment of Farm Timbers

What Every Farmer Should Know.

By C. P. Willis

A New Method of Identifying Persons

The Veins on the Back of the Hand

By Ciprian Kolb and Leo Gresz

Science Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


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