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Safety-Appliances on Submarines

By Andrew Lewis

Boring through the Bernese Oberland

A Gigantic Engineering Task

The Status of Process Inventions

A Patent Lawyer's Viewpoint

By E. D. Sewall

The Regnard Aeroplane

Automatic Stability of Flying Machines by Means of the Gyroscope

By Paul F. Mottelay

A 1,000-Mile Wireless Station.—II

How to Construct the Receiving Station

By Edward H. Guilford

Apparatus for Determining the Exposure of Projected Buildings and Grounds to the Sun's Rays

Oil used in Making Paper Umbrellas

Decreased Mortality from Consumption

The Internal Ear

Experiments on Its Functions

By S. S. Maxwell

The Seventeen Year “Locust” or Cicada

Its Metamorphosis Told Pictorially

The Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen

The Pauling Process by the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

The Ethics of Food

The Stomach and Public Morality

By H. W. Wiley

Radiation Pressure and Reflecting Spherules

The Nature of Fatigue

The Physiology and Psychology of Being Tired

By Frederic S. Lee

The Isolation of Anion.—I

A Precision Measurement of Its Charge and the Correction of Stokes's Law

By R. A. Milliken

Science Notes

Engineering Notes


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