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The Metallic State

Its Modern Physical Conception

By E. E. Fournier D*amp*apos;Albe

The Aeroplane in War

The First Practical Tests of the Military Airship and Aeroplane by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

On Zoological Nomenclature

A 1,000-Mile Wireless Station.—III

How to Construct the Receiving Station

By Edward H. Guilford

Alcohol from Sulphite-Cellulose Waste Lyes

The Railways of the Holy Land

A Modern Innovation in an Ancient Land

By Harold J. Shepstone

How Wood is Artificially Aged

The Coloration of Wood by Gases and Fumes

By H. Wislicenus

Students and Lumberjacks

Bagasse as a Paper-Making Material

Experiments in Animal Psychology

Some Old Myths Exploded

By B. Forbin

The Isolation of Anion.—II

A Precision Measurement of Its Charge and the Correction of Stokes'S Law

By R. A. Millikan

Astronomical Research

Its Aims And Methods

By S. S. Hough

Science Notes


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