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Silencer for Millitary Rifles

Some Early Investigations on Sound Deadening

By J. P. Farley

An Ingenious Way of Examining the Contents of the Duodenum


Aeroplane Accidents

Record-Brearing and Its Consequences

Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony.—II

A Review of Ethereal Signaling Methods

By Cornelius D. Ehret

André Marie Ampére

The Founder of the Scifncf of Flxctro-Dynamics

By P. F. Mottelay

Metallurgy of Iron

The Pons Asinorum.—I

New Solutions of the Pythagorean Theorem

By Arthur R. Colburn

In the Heart of Africa.—II

The Expedition of The american Museum of Natural History

By Mary Cynthia Dickerson

The Canals of Mars

By Otto Hoffmann


Color Sensitiveness in Animals

The Results of Recent Investigations

By Adolf koelsch

The Willows Dirigible Airship

Its Flight to France by The London Correspondent of The Scientific American

The Bridge Spanning the Copper River

An Important Alaskan Structure

By J. Mayne Baltimore

The Carbon Conditions of Commercial Cast Iron

Practice and Theory of Aviation.—VII

The Leading Aeroplanes

By Grover Cleveland Loening

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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