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A Large Paper-Making Machine

A London Newspaper Installation

By F. C. Coleman

The Manufacture of Carbon Electrodes

Locomotive Power

How Professor Dalby Calculates It

The Effect of Silver, Bismuth, and Aluminium on the Mechanical Properties of “Tough-Pitch” Copper Containing Arsenic

Modern Governing Mechanisms

A Review of American and European Devices

By Warren H. Miller

The Sterilization of Milk

By M. Seiffert

Progress in Aviation in 1910

A Review of a RemarKable Year

By Rene Gasnier

How Birds Work Together

The Limits of our Chemical Knowledge

Some Modern Problems

By William Eichholtz

The Temple of Hibis

Results of the Metropolitan Museum's Expedition, Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By H. E. Winlock

What is the Ether?

The History and Necessity of a Remarhable Conception, Popular Astronomy

By Owen Ely

Do Fishes Hear?

A Summary of Recent Studies

By Wilhelm Roth

The Transformation of Sea Water into Fresh Water

Mixing Concrete on the Farm

How to Select Your Materials and Mix Your Own Concrete

The Mathematical Initiator

A Tangible Multiplication Table

Problems of Existence

By Oliver Lodge

The Origin of Bulldogs and Pugs

Marconi's Marvels Explained in a London Law Court

Messages Received in Court from Ships at Sea

By P. F. Mottelay

Index of Inventions

Aeronautical Notes


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