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What Electrochemistry is Accomplishing—I

Modern Methods and their Results

By Joseph W. Richards

The Question of Exercise, The Propagation of the Sound of Explosion

The Manufacture of Rolled “H” Beams*

A Review of Recent Practice

By G. E. Moore

Various Finishes for Zinc

Some Interesting Technological Suggestions

A Remarkable American Forest Railway

The Profitable Industrial Road in Michoacan, Mexico

By A. Reiche

Science and Engineering

Comments on a Vital Subject

By J. J. Thomson

Trans-oceanic Aviation

An Analysis of Brucker's Project

Fog Scales

European Transformer Towers

A New Type of Small-Sized Station, The Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Electric Locomotives for Lotschberg Railroad, Our Myriad Government Publications, and more

Apotheosis and the Worship of Ancestors

Eagle, PeacocK, and Serpent and their Significance in Roman Times

By P. F. Mottelay

Weighing the Earth, Sun, and Planets

The Mighty Scales of Mathematics

Index of Inventions

For which Letters Patent of the United States were Issued for the Week Ending January 17, 1911,

Electrical Notes, Trade Notes and Formulaee


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