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Selection and Treatment of Alloy Steels for Automobiles

Why You Can Buy a Good Car for Little Money

By Henry Souther

Problems in Chemical Industry

By J. T. Baker

Curtiss's Experiments in Rising from the Water

How the Winner of the Scientific American Trophy Developed a Satisfactory Float for His Biplane

Summary of the Fifth Annual Report of the Carnegie Foundation

The Block Signal on the New Paris Subway

The Gold Dredging Industry

Old and New Fields for the Dredger

By Charles Janin

The Famous Astronomical Clock of Venice

The Church of St. MarK and the Torre dell Orologio

By Charles A. Brassier

The Pygmy People of Africa

Prof. Starr's Discoveries in the Jungle

By Ethel Claire Randall

Prof. Van der Waals of Leyden

A Nobel Prize Winner

Resistance of Metallic Filament Lamps to Shock

Migrating Stars

Old and New Star-Drift Theories

By J. A. Hardcastle

Making Money Out of Bees—III

Keeping Bees for Pleasure and Profit

By E. F. Phillips

Index of Inventions

Some Mental Illusions of Vision

Explanations of Various Optical Phenomena

By R. T. Lewis


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