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Handling Passengers on a Rapid Transit Railroad—II

Construction of a Rapid Transit Line as Illustrated by the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad

By J. Vipond Davies

An Instructive Barogram, Fruit Disease Investigations

A Handsome County Bridge

A Reinforced Concrete Bridge Connecting Asheville with West Asheville

Mechanical Aids to the Study of Marksmanship

A German Army Officer's Invention

A Concrete Potato Peeler, Work Among Southern Farmers

Curved Photographic Plates

Their Advantages in Astronomical Photography

By F. A. Bellamy

Potash Salts: Light on an International Controversy—I

Uses and Occurrence of Potash in the United States

By W. C. Phalen

The Crane Collection of the New York Zoological Park

How Cranes are Kept in a Great PaddocK

By Lee S. Crandall

Cheese as an Article of Diet

A Food That is Much Neglected

The Use of Electricity in the Metallurgy of Iron

A Turning Point in the History of Iron

No Well-grounded Complaint Against the Farmer

Airship and Aeroplane in War

The Relative Merits of the Dirigible Balloon and the Aeroplane

By Frank P. Lahm

A Convenient and Inexpensive Furnace for Very High Temperatures, Portable Electric Boring Machine with Magnetic Adhesion, and more

By D. F. Calhane

Index of Inventions


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