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The Preparation of Gas for Balloons

What Chemistry Has Done for Ballooning

By A. Sander

The Effect of Radium on the Higher Animals

Prof. London's Researches

The Air-brake as Related to Progress in Locomotion—I

The History of a Great Invention

By Walter V. Turner

Alloys for Permanent Magnets, Effect of Paris Flood on Electrical Machinery


The Bergen-Christiania Railway Contrasted with Two American Railroads

Breakwaters on the West Coast of Jutland

The Vornpör and Hanstholm Walls

By C. Van Langendonck

Potash Salts: Light on an International Controversy—II

Their Uses and Occurrence in the United States

By W. C. Phalen

A New Method of Exploring the Earth's Interior

By Schames

Legal Operations of the Department of Agriculture

New Toys

Interesting French Inventions

The Aims of Astronomy of Precision

A Resume of Modern Methods

By S. S. Hough

Index of Inventions

Abandonment of the Weekly List of Patents, The Renault Valveless Explosion Motor


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