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The Discovery of Kepler's Laws

An Epoch-making Astronomical Achievement

Preparation of Pure Radium Salts

The Process of Fractionation Employed

By Madame Curie

International Standard Time

Its History and Its Recent Adoption in France

The Air-brake as Related to Proǵress in Locomotion—IV

The History of a Great Invention

By Walter V. Turner

Savingǵ Human Life in Mines

The Work of the United States Bureau of Mines

Eagǵle Hunting in China

A Lucrative Oriental Sport

Charles Darwin

The Justification of the Darwinian Theory

By August Weismann

Bienaimés Proposed Ascension

Reclamation of the Southern Louisiana Wet Prairie Lands—I

By A. D. Morehouse

The Mercadier System of Multiplex Teleǵraphy, French Studies of Insecticides

Eugenics and Genetics

“Good Breeding” and Its Significance

By G. Clarke Nuttall


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