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Protection of River and Harbor Water from Municipal Wastes

The Problem of sewage Disposal

By Charles-Edward Amory Winslow

Multiplex Telephony and Teleǵraphy—II

Electric Waves Guided by Wires

By Geor*amp*gacute;e D. Squier

Radiant Enerǵy and Matter—V

By J. J. Thomson*amp*apos;s

Norǵine, a New Veǵetable Gelatine

A New Paris Double Track Iron Tube Tunnel

The Bells of Pisa's Leaninǵ Tower

The Yellow Poplar

A Substitute for Red Gum in BasKet Mahing

Port Improvements at Hyoǵo-Kobbé

Ocean Maǵnetic Work—II

Some of its Problems

By L. A. Bauer

Guiding Balloons by Automatic Wireless Siǵnals

Hydro-Electric Enerǵy from a Disused State Canal

Electricity Meters

How Electric Current is Measured

The use of Radio-Active Substances in Therapeutics

Automatic Alternatinǵ-Current Bloch Siǵnal System for Steam Railroads

Recent Bridǵe Construction in America

Some Observations on Modern Tendencies

By Henry S. Jacoby

Recent Development of Modern Gas Power Plants in the United States

Gas-Engine Waste-Heat to Turbine

The Sanders Teacher

Application of Geared Steam Turbine to Rolling Mill Drivinǵ

Meteorology and Aǵriculture


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