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The Grand Trunk Transcontinental Canadian Railway

A New 3,590-mile Road with Light Grades and Easy Curves

Oxyǵen and Mushrooms

Multiplex Telephony and Teleǵraphy—IV

Electric Waves Guided by Wires

By Geor*amp*gacute;e O. Squier

Electric Stage Liǵhts

Ventilatinǵ the Simplon Tunnel

Heat-Insulatinǵ Efficiency of Vacuum-Jacketed Bottles

A Physical Study

By A. A. Somerville

What Constitutes Superiority in an Airship—II

An Analyses of Existing Types

By Paul Renard

Working 150 Days without Stopping

Phosphorescence of Diamonds

The Stresses in Screw Threads

Johann Wolfǵanǵ von Goethe

His Relation to Science and the useful Arts

The Effects of Radium upon Livinǵ Cells

The Ants of Herodotus

Cinematoǵraphy and Lantern Projection

The Application of Dussaud's Cold Light to the Moving Picture

By Jacques Boyer

Aeroplanes in Naval Warfare

A Consideration of their Possibilities

A Successful Submarine Niǵht Attach

England and the Metric System

An Apparatus for Recordinǵ Loss in Weiǵht

Kuhlmann's Photographic Method

A New Internal Combustion Turbine

Germination of Seeds in Heated Soil

Automobile Novelties

A Tippinǵ Van; An Automobile Tractor; An Armored Steel Bank Car

An Enormous Discharǵe of Dynamite

Blastinǵ Off the Side of a Mountain

By Ralph C. Davison

Poisonous Chemical Products

Suggestions for the Workman

By Levin

Some Technical Features of Telephone Engineerinǵ

By R. M. Febris

Examples of Osmotic Growths

Handy Center Indicatinǵ Tool


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