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The New Science of Geoǵraphy

The Modern Geoǵrapher's Task

By A. J. Herbertson

A New Grapevine Pest in France

The Famous Star No. 61 Cyǵni

By Arthur K. Bartlett

A Kerosene Oil Tractor for a Narrow-&Gacute;aǵe Native State Railway in India

By F. C. Cushman

The Foundation Wall of a Giant Steamship

The Gas Bladder of Bony Fishes

Extensometer Method and Bridges

New Steam Meter

By Robert Grimshaw

The Pressure of Liǵht on Gases

An Experimental Study for the Theory of Comets' Tails

By Peter Lebedew

Some Properties of Metals

Testinǵ a Planimeter for Accuracy

A Misunderstood Instrument

By W. L. Durand

A Wire Ropeway for German East Africa

Transportinǵ Lumber in a Junǵle

By Frederick C. Coleman

A Thirty-Million Dollar Electric Project

Practical Aspects of Printinǵ Teleǵraphy—I

An Inventor on the Difficulties to be Encountered and the Way to Overcome Them

By Donald Murray

Roman Portraits of the First Century, A.D

New Physical Apparatus

Interesting Devices from European Laboratories

Liǵht and Life

The Effect of Light on the Movement of the Lower Organisms

By S. O. Mast

Effects of Ultra-Violet Rays upon the Eye

Practical Application of Meteoroloǵy to Aeronautics—I

What the Meteorologist Can Do for Flying and Airshipping

By W. H. Dines

European use of Chemical Fertilizers

The Gaumont Speakinǵ Cinematograph

Water Power in Wisconsin


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