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A New Ground Sloth Group

By W. L. Beasley

Measurinǵ the Laborer's Worth

The Application of Laboratory Methods to, the Study of Labor Questions

Transportinǵ Live Fish

Blaringhem on his New Species

Cement and the Colloidal theory

The Equation of Time

How Clock-Time is Related to True Solar Time

By Frederick R. Honey

The Question of the Combination Projectile

The Ideal of Field Artillery

By Hubner

Rules Governing the Competition for the $15,000 Flying Machine Prize offered by Mr. Edwin Gould

Photoǵraphy an Aid to astronomy

Where the Photographic Plate Excels the Eye

Unmaǵnetizable Steel

Fish Life

Radiometer Motion Stopped by a very High Vacuum

Novel Portable Gasoline Motor-driven Air Compressor

Suitable for Inflating Pneumatic Tires

By Frank C. Perkins

Four-Cylinder Compound German Freiǵht Locomotive

A Fine Example of German Construction

Magnets for Handling Carǵo

The Animal Machine

The New Respiration Calorimeter of the Berlin Agricultural High School

Practical Application of Meteoroloǵy to Aeronautic5-II

What the Meteorologist Can Do for Flying and Airshipping

By W. H. Dines

A Drinkinǵ Cane

A Hiǵh Frequency Meter

Radioactivity of Snow

A Grain Tester for Commercial Use

A Moisture Tester for Grain and Other Substances and How to use it

By J. W. T. Duvel

The Stick Insect

Practical Aspects of Printinǵ Teleǵraphy—II

An Inventor on the Difficulties to be Encountered and the Way to Overcome Them

By Donald Murray

What it Cost to Develop the Turbine

Wireless Teleǵraphy in the Konǵo

By John W. Dye


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