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The Huǵe New Dock at Southampton

How the Docks Expand to keep Pace with the Growth of the Steamers by the English Correspondent of the Scientific American

Simple Tables for Calculatinǵ Circumferences and Areas of Circles

Extended Utilization of Soya Bean Products

Milk, Cheese, and a Variety of Other Products from a Vegetable Seed

Synthetic Rubber

How Radio-Activity is Measured

The Methods Used to Detect and Measure Radiation

Self-Burninǵ Limestone in Syria

From Deputy Consul John D. Whiting Jerusalem

A Scientific use for the Stereoscope

To Aid the Imagination in Picturing Space Models

The Lost Art of Temperinǵ Copper

Sodium Nitrate Substituted for Iceland Spar

Practical Aspects of Printinǵ Teleǵraphy—IV

An Inventor on the Difficulties to be Encountered and the Way to Overcome them

By Donald Murray

Soda Fountains for Trains on the C. P. R

What is a Locomotive's Time Worth?

Estimating the Financial Loss by Detention in the Repair Shop

Newarh Rapid Transit Cars

Special Rolling Stock Adapted to the Restrictions of the Tunnel

Extinǵuishinǵ Fires in Inflammable Liquids by means of Foam

Louis Winslow Austin

Government Expert on Wireless Telegraphy

By William Atherton Dupuy

The Indian Tea Industry

By Edward F. Harran

The Formation of Mountains by Water

The Influence of Erosion by Water in Modeling the Landscape

Zodiacal Light

Underground Water for Public Use

Seasoning Wood by Electricity

The Nitroǵen Question from the Military Standpoint

Our Dependence Upon the Nitrate Supply for National Defense

By Charles E. Munroe

On the Proper Motions of the Fixed Stars

By W. Dobereck

Plate for Indexinǵ in Deǵrees


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