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The Great Star Map—I

The Team Work of the World's Astronomers

By H. H. Turner

Practical Aspects of Printinǵ Teleǵraphy—VI

An Inventor on the Difficulties to be Encountered and the Way to Overcome Them

By Donald Murray


By William C. Bartlett

The Dawn of Architecture

First Steps in the Evolution of the Human Dwelling

By John L. Cowan

Snails in Ceylon

The Ylang Ylang Perfume Plant

Detecting Adulteration of Oils

New Method Discovered for Determining Oil Adulteration by Mineral or Resin Oil

By Alexander E. Outerbridge

A New Ionium Collector

The Gyrostatic Force of Rotary Engines

Its Nature and Significance for Aviation

By Albert Kapteyn

Simple Household Inventions

Clever Novelties from Abroad

A Scale for Measuring the Merit of English Writing

Quantitative Estimation of Literary Style

By Edward L. Thorndike

The Electron Theory Simply Explained

The Wonders of the Microcosm of the Molecule

By Lindley Pyle

Bones Set with Aluminium

Pearls Ordinary and Extraordinary

The Fertility of Black Earth


  • Letters

    Correspondence- September 2, 1911

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