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A Continuous Unloader at Work

On the Western Pacific Railroad, California

The Effect of Tobacco Smoke on Plants

All Vegetable Organisms, from Green Plant to Bacillus are Affected

Precaution in making Litharge-Glycerine Cement

Utilization of Dead Pine Wood in the South

The Recovery of Turpentine from Logs and Stumps

Problems in Telephone Traffic Enǵineerinǵ—I

Some of the Difficulties that Arise in Serving a Heterogeneous Territory

By F. P. Valentine

A Model Geyser

The Gyro Compass

Its Principle and Construction

The Great Star Map—IV

Star Positions

By H. H. Turner

The Hot Air Balloon of the Twentieth Century

The Revival of the Montgolfier

International Lanǵuaǵe and Patents

Loaded Telephone Cables

Their Function in Preserving the Wave Form of the Original Message

By J. A. Fleming

A German View of our Panama canal Worries

The Power of Niaǵara Falls

Taking Stock of the Energy Utilized

Another Setback to Official Seismoloǵy


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