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Testinǵ Materials of Construction

How the Pennsylvania Railroad Guards Against Loss

The Great Star Map—VI

Some Incidents of the Work

By H. H. Turner

Why the Earth Appears Concave

An Optical Illusion Observed from Balloons

By Charles Forbes

New Apparatus for Sewaǵe Purification

By Berlin

The use of Tar on Roads

Some Objections Reported

Prizes for Catchinǵ Flies

A Campaign Against the Insect Pest

Photoǵraphs upon Watch Lids, Caps and Dials

Practical Instructions for the Amateur

By A. J. Jarman

A New Multi-Spindle Drill

Silaǵe and Concrete Silos

How Farmers are Building Solid-Wall Silos

The Value of a Cobweb

How a Damaged Spider's Thread Paralyzed an Entire Department

By William F. Ri*amp*gacute;*amp*gacute;e

Wasted Mathematical Enerǵy

The Futility of Some Efforts of the Amateur Mathematician

The Physioloǵical Effects of the Mercury Arc

Its Influence Upon the Eye

The Transplantation of Members and Orǵans

Constructive Surgery

The Action of Radium upon the Embryo

Researches that Shed New Light Upon Fertilization

The Fate of the Planets

By Svante Arrhenius

A New Radium Perpetual Motion Machine

Science Notes

Electrical Notes


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