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Synthetic Metals from Non-Metallic Elements

Is Ammonium a Metal?

By H. N. McCoy

A Remarkable Bucket Chain Excavator

Cement Digging by Machinery

Hydro-Electric Plants in Norway

Their Application to Electro-Chemical Industry

A Modern Gasoline Motor Testinǵ Laboratory

Equipment for Work Under Varying Temperature Conditions

The Direct Synthesis of Ammonia from its Elements

The Catalytic Union of Hydrogen and Nitrogen

By F. Alex. McDermott

Diesel Enǵine Difficulties

A Tension-Tester for Aeroplane Wires

An Application of the Laws of Vibrating Strings

Recent Developments in Astronomy

A Review of the Present Status of the Science

By J. S. Plaskett

The uses of the Royal Palm

A Tree of Varied Utility

Frost Protection in Fruit Orchards

How Heavy Losses are Averted

Caisson Sickness and Compressed Air—II

The Cause of the Trouble and the Rationale of Its Treatment

By Leonard Hill

A New Fourteen-Wheeled Express Locomotive

A Fine Example of Modern Engineering

By Charles R. Kin*amp*gacute;

A Hiǵh Speed Cast Iron Flywheel

A Neat and Orginal Design

By W. Trinks

Suǵǵestions for a Flyinǵ Machine

A Historical Curiosity

By Emanuel Swedenbor*amp*gacute;

System of Computinǵ Interest

By Robert Grimshaw

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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