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Life in other Worlds

Which of the Celestial Spheres Are Inhabitable?

By H. C. Wilson

The Burden of the Absent-Minded Passenǵer

A Vanished Continent

A Novel Enǵlish Oil-Fired Converter

Liquid Fuel in Metallurgical Work

The Berriǵan Continuous Bucket-Chain Filter Press

For All Branches of Industry

Turbines in Warships

The Rational Application of Turbines to the Propulsion of Warships

By A. C. E. Rateau


By W. E. Willmott

Fishermen of the Sea of Galilee

By Harold J. Shepstone

A Resistance Method for Obtaininǵ the Instantaneous Performance of Incandescent Lamps

The Power Necessary to Drive an Aeroplane

Its Numerical Computation

By Sydney V. James

The Future of the Aeroplane in Army Service

The Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

Armored Macadam

Removinǵ Emulsified Oil from Water

The Treatment of Condensed Water for Re-use in the Boiler

By Darrow Sa*amp*gacute;e

The Doutre Stabilizer

A Promising Design for Automatic Aeroplane Control

Aluminium in the Construction of Brewery Vessels

Dryinǵ Furnace Blasts with Cacium Chloride

An Improvement Over the Gayley System

Recent Advances in Hiǵh Temperature Measurement

Pyrometers and Thermometric Scales

By J. A. Harker

Enǵineerinǵ Notes


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