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Stellar Distribution and Movements

What Determines the Arrangement of Stars in Space, and their Motion?

By A. S. Eddin*amp*gacute;ton

The Iron-Ore Supplies of the World

How shall We Meet Future Demand?—An Inventory

By J. W. Gre*amp*gacute;ory

Document Photoǵraphy—Its use in the Courts

The Camera is Mightier than the Eye

Photoǵraphic Receiver for Wireless Teleǵraph Siǵnals

The Rollinǵ of Ships and the Possibility of Capsizinǵ

The Dynamics of the Problem

By J. H. Biles

A Midniǵht Visit to the Zooloǵical Gardens Sleepy and Lively Animals

The Manufacture of Permanent Maǵnets

An Industry of Comparatively Recent Growth

By F. B. Hays

Cost of Power; Conversion Factors

A useful Table of Derived Units

By Carl Herin*amp*gacute;

Aviation and Arterial Pressure

The East Coast Petroleum Fields of New Zealand

A Concise Survey of the Situation

The R. E. P. Monoplane

The Latest Model. With All-Steel Body

By John Jay Ide

Car for Oilinǵ Streets

The Road Spinhler Adapted to a New Function

Researches in the use of Cement

An Excursion into Physioloǵical Chemistry

Review of the Trend of Modern Progress

Metal Corrosion in Gaseous Atmosphere

The Principle of Relativity

A Revolution in the Fundamental Concepts of Physics

By E. E. Fournier D*amp*apos;Albe

Electrical Notes

Softness as a Defect in Butter

Makinǵ Blueprints from Blueprints

Science Notes


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