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An Unlimited Field for Research and Invention

By Albert A. Somerville

Rules Governinǵ the Competition for the $15,000 Flyinǵ Machine Prize Offered

By Edwin Gould

Use for Old Blueprints

A Proposed Catalytic Furnace

Especially Designed for Heating Steel Billets

By E. C. Smith

Identification of Charred Corpses by means of X-Rays

Roman Ruins in North Africa

Historic Remains of an Ancient Colony by our Paris Correspondent

Horizontal Gun-Straiǵhteninǵ Machine

Stampinǵ out Yellow Fever in Brazil

A Record of Remarkable Success

By Robert Grimshaw

Finǵer Prints

A Chapter in the History of their use for Personal Identification

By Henry Faulds

The Genesis of the Rare Earths

Their Relation to the Earth's past History

By R. B*amp*ouml;hm

Horse Hair

A Glimpse of the Zoological Side of Commerce

By Hubert H. Poole and Wilfred Mark Webb

The Mercadier-Maǵunna System of Teleǵraphy

An Improved Method of Multiplex Working

Veǵetable Aviation

Aeronautic Engineering in Nature

Exhaustible and Inexhaustible Supplies

What is Meant by an Unlimited Source of an Article of Consumption?

Meat-Curinǵ Electrically

The Undeveloped Art of Soarinǵ

Its Theory and Practice

By A. F. Zahm

Giant Twin Stacks

The Mechanical Principles of Brennan's Mono-Rail Car

A Lucid Exposition

By Henry T. Eddy

A Mountain as an Obstacle to Wireless Teleǵraphy


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