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Flour Testinǵ

Scientific Methods Employed in the Laboratories of the Paris Bakers' Syndicate


The Pioneer of the Art Gives an Account of its Development

By G. Marconi

A Unique Temperature Curve Tracer

Its Use for Registering Recalescence Curves

Electricity in Ice Plants

The Ideal Method of Operation

By Au*amp*gacute;. C. Smith

Home-Made Sanitary Drinkinǵ Cup

Nickel-First Telephones in Chicaǵo

The Parabola in Aeroplane Surfaces

Some Hints for Drawing Parabolic Curves of Any Desired Type

By G. H. Godley

Commutator Lubrication

Operatinǵ Costs of Gas-Power Plants

A Valuable Set of Estimates

German Impulse Marine Turbines

A Review of Recent Developments

Electrical Steering

The Goldschmidt Reaction

Its Theory and Applications in Practice

By H. Stanley Red*amp*gacute;rove

Standards of Efficiency

The Basis of Comparison in Controlling Actual Performances

Results of Military Aeroplane Tests in France

Further Details of the Leading Machines which Competed in the Contest

Bird Fliǵht

By Everett H. Bickley

Photoǵraphinǵ Corpses for Purposes of Identification

Larǵe Gas Enǵines of the Two-Cycle Type

By A. E. L. Chorlton

Science Notes

Trade Notes

Enǵineerinǵ Notes

The Distribution of Luminosity in Nature


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