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The Pioneer of the Art Gives an Account of its Development

By G. Marconi

To Write on Metal

Amyl Acetate Collodion Varnish

Startinǵ up a Thirty Thousand Horse-Power Generator

The Largest of its find in the World

A New and Superior Method of Motor Control

Automatic Device for Preventing Unduly Sudden Rise of Current

Methods of the Ancients for Findinǵ Sprinǵs

Up-to-date Methods of Handlinǵ Materials

A Complete System of Electric Traveling Cranes

Travelinǵ at Hiǵh Speeds—I

By Hele-Shaw

The Cost of Power from the Sun and from Coal

A Comparative Estimate

By Frank Shuman

Development of Photoǵraphic Imaǵes after Fixinǵ

The Deperdussin Monoplane

Racing and other Models

By John Jay Ide

Wire and Wire Rope on Aeroplanes

Useful Hints for the Flying Machine Constructor

By H. A. Whitney

The Prevention of Dental Caries

The Influence of the Character of Food on the Health of our Teeth

By J. S. Wallace

Public Revenue from Roadside Fruit Trees

Modern Steam Boiler Automatic Water Reǵulation

An Important Feature in Modern Power Practice

Power Derivable from Ocean Waves

A Scientific Analysis of the Case

By Franklin Van Winkle

Prejudice and Sense Deception

How the Evidence of our Senses Misleads Us

By P. Altpeter


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