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The Cannon Falls Hydro-Electric Development

Designed for an Ultimate Capacity of Three Thousand Horsepower

The Psycholoǵy of Liǵht—II

The Subjective Aspect of Optics

By R. S. Woodworth

New Method of Testinǵ Rails

A Simple Impact Trial

The Power Required to Cut Steel

The Influence of Chemical Composition and Previous History

By P. V. Vernon

Developinǵ a small Water Power Plant

Electric Power for the Farm and Country House

Cheddar Cheese Making

A Phase of Dairy Industry

By G. C. Sawyers

Skis; Their Construction and Use

The Making of a Good Ski is a Delicate Task

The Sewer System of Havana

How the United States Have Fulfilled Their Responsibility

By G. C. Scherer

Wheels, Ancient and Modern and their Manufacture—I

From Tree-trunK Roller to Wire-spoke Motor Car Wheel

By Henry L. Heathcote

Condiments and Stimulants

They Represent Lubricants,Not Motive Power

Speed Measurement in Zeppelin Diriǵibles

Rules Governing the Competition for the $15,000 Flyinǵ Machine Prize Offered

By Edwin Gould

Science Notes

Electric Burns and their Treatment


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