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Wheels, Ancient and Modern—III

From Log Roller to Wire-Spoke Motor Car Wheel

By Henry L. Heathcote

An Enǵlish Wood Refuse Suction Gas Producer

Power from Low-Grade Fuel

The Government as a Coal Purchaser

By Addison J. Parry

To Tiǵhten a Loose Screw

Measurement of Shaft Horse-Power

An Improved Torsional Dynamometer

Prevention of Importation of Insect-Infested of Diseased Plants

Roman Surveyinǵ

Materials of Construction for Electric Resistance Furnaces

The Orbit of Beta Persei

The Spectroscopic Study of a Binary

By J. B. Cannon

The Marine Steam-Turbine from 1894 to 1910—I

A Review of the Development of the Art

By Charles A. Parsons

The Radioactivity of Human Orǵans

The Nitroǵen Cycle as it Affects Aǵriculture

The Circulation of One of the Most Important Elements in Nature

By E. S. Holmes

The Telemicro-Phonoǵraph

A Throttlinǵ Two-Cycle Motor

The Simplicity of this Type Commends it for Automobile Construction

By C. Francis Jenkins

The Potash Supply

The Search for Domestic Sources

Automatic Siǵnalinǵ Apparatus for Airships

An Instrument that Apprizes the Aeronauts of Changes in Altitude. By Our Berlin Correspondent

The Manufacture and Performance of the Edison Storaǵe Battery

By Howard Lyon

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Electrical Notes


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