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The Water Tower

A New Type of Horseless Fire-Fiǵhtinǵ Truck

Principles of Water-Power Development—I

An Issue of the Greatest National Importance

By W. J. McGee

Recent Improvements in the Aeroplane

By I. Ludlow

Rules Governinǵ the Competition for the $15,000 Flyinǵ Machine Prize Offered

By Edwin Gould

Seaweed Harvest in Japan

Transparent Anatomical Preparations

Seeinǵ through Bone without X-Rays

By Alfred Gradenwitz

A Direct-Readinǵ Torsional Dynamometer

A Power Meter Possessing Marked Advantages

Temperature Pendants

Convenient Means for Determining Flue Gas Temperatures

The Estimation of Ore Reserves

A Practical Method of Gaǵinǵ the Extent of a Deposit

By Frank H. Probert and Roy B. Earling

Salt Manufacture in Great Britain

A New Plant Working by Vacuum Evaporation by our English Correspondent

Modern Water Coolers for Factories

One Form of Fuel Economizers by our Berlin Correspondent

Armor for Ships

A Review Over the Period 1860-1910

By Charles E. Ellis

Musical Insects

New Aeroplane Motors at the Paris Show

A Description of the Principal Types Exhibited by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

Color Photoǵraphy on Utocolor Paper

By G. Le Mareschal

The Properties of Selenium and their Applications to Electrotechnics—III

By Erich Hausmann

Science Notes

Trade Notes

Enǵineerinǵ Notes


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