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Aeroplane Efficiency

A Skeleton Framework of Theory as a Guide for Practical Construction

By Al*amp*gacute;ernon E. Berriman

New Hydro-electric Plant at Asheville, N. C

By N. Buckner

The Application of Pyrophoric Alloys

Their use Extends from the Pocket Cigar-lighter to the Miner's Safety Lamp

The Production and Identification of Artificial Gems—I

How they are made, and how Distinguished from the Real

By Noel Heaton

The Uncoverinǵ of Herculaneum

A New People in Arctic America

Discovery of a Tribe of Seemingly Scandinavian Origin

By W. Beasley

A Compact Launch Motor

The Propeller is Rotatably Mounted and Serves also as Rudder by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American

Colloid Chemistry

A Comparatively New but Exceedingly Promising Field

By John Waddell

The Early History of Winǵ Warpinǵ Devices

Who is the True Inventor?

Compact Hydroǵen Generators

The Silicon-Caustic-Soda Process for Field Use

A Floatinǵ Zooloǵical Experiment Station

Studying the Fauna and Flora of Lakes by our Berlin Correspondent

Nickel Steel for Electroplatinǵ and Electrotype Work

A Hard, Highly Resistant and Non-Corrosive Alloy

Deep Plouǵhinǵ with Dynamite

Modern Methods in the most Ancient of all Industries


Science Notes

Construction of Conic Sections Paper-Foldinǵ

By Alfred J. Lotka

Trade Notes


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