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Sir William Ramsay

Who Has Realized the Alchemists' Dream, the Transmutation of an Element

By P. F. Mottelay

The Effect of Fillers in the Manufacture of Soaps

Some New Ingredients Recently Introduced

By S. M. Bose

Japanese Writinǵ Accessories

Old Cedar Wood for Lead Pencils

The Hawke-Olympic Collision

Suction Between Ships Passing at Close Quarters

By Percy A. Hislam

Precious Stones in 1911

A Vast Industry Dependent on a Demand for a Luxury

By Geor*amp*gacute;e F. Kunz

The Production and Identification of Artificial Gems—II

How they are Made and how Distinguished from the Real

By Noel Heaton

Curiosities in Needles

Fountain Pen Manufacture

How One and a Half Million Pens are Made Annually

By Dou*amp*gacute;las T. Hamilton

Drawbridǵe in Constant Equilibrium without Counterweiǵht

By A. Ramnekers and M. E. J. Gheury

The Archæoloǵy of Copper and its Alloys

Notes on the Early History of Metallurgy

Star Colors

A Method of Verifying Accurately the Crude Judgement of the Eye

By C. H. Gin*amp*gacute;rich

Can the Lower Animals Renew their Youth?

Remarkable Regenerative Powers of Primitive Types

By S. J. Holmes

The Cause of Hiǵh Prices

A Suggested Remedy : Bring the Consumer Nearer to the Producer

By T. E. Burton

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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