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Torque in Aeroplane Propellers

Theory and Practical Determination

By A. F. Zahm

The Purity of Natural Waters—I

The Influence of Aquatic Organisms, of Domestic Sewage and of Industrial Waste

By Maximilian Marsson

Spitzberǵen, Its Past and Future

Winter Sports for the Modern Summer Tourist

By Alfred Gradenwitz

An Automatic Thunder Storm Recorder

The Electric Wave Detector in Service of Meteorology by the Paris Correspondent of the Scientific American Supplement

The Cost of Industrial Electric Power

The Relative Advantages of Group and Individual Motor Drive

By C. W. Drake

A Scientific Study of Seasickness

And the Logical Remedy

Fountain Pen Manufacture

Making the Iridium-tipped Gold Pen Points

By Dou*amp*gacute;las T. Hamilton

Phosphoric Acid and the Quality of French Wines

The Problem of the Railway Rail

By Robert G. Skerrett

Fuel Consumption and the Climate of Cities

A Study of the Effect of Fuel Consumption in New York City upon Temperature and Rainfall

The Junkers Enǵine

A High-Power Oil Motor by the Berlin Correspondent of the Scientific American

Japanese Fans

Electrical Disturbances and the Nature of Electrical Enerǵy

By Charles P. Steinmetz

Artificial Production of Well Water

A Simple Method of Preparinǵ Pure Samples of the Rare Gases

The Maǵnetic Field of Cathode Rays

Limiting Value of the Shortest Possible Sound Waves


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