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A One Hundred-Ton Mexican Wreckinǵ Crane

The Purity of Natural Waters—III

The Influence of Aquatic Organisms, of Domestic Sewage and of Industrial Waste

By Maximilian Marsson

Recent Proǵress in Spectroscopic Methods—II

Past Achievements and Future Prospects

By A. A. Michelson

A Proposed Expedition to Crocker Land

American Explorers to Investigate the North Polar Regions

Friction between Solids in Motion

An Instrument of Precision for Accurate Investigation

The Buildinǵ up of an Industrial Enterprise

The Prime Requisites: Brawn and Brain

By John Edson Sweet

The Conference of Washinǵton

Meeting of the International Union for the Protection of Industrial Property

By William Osborn

The Deutsch Aero-Dynamic Institute, Paris

An Establishment for the Study of Problems Relating to Aviation

Mayers Paper on the Conservation of Enerǵy

Mechanical Water Softener

An Important Adjunct for Boiler Plants

Directed Radio-teleǵraphy without Vertical Antennæ

Horizontal Wires Are Found to be Fully Efficient

X-Ray and Ordinary Stereo-Photoǵraphy Combined

A Device by Which Internal Structures are Seen in their Actual Location

Natural Selection in Man

The Self-startinǵ Syphon

Its Principle and Construction

By Wm. P. Mun*amp*gacute;er

The Menz Wheel—An Automobile Wheel with a Removable Felly

Auxiliary Player for Reed Instruments

“Artificial Wind” for Musicians

Life without Oxyǵen—I

The Anaerobic Beginnings of Life

By Carl Snyder


Electrical Notes

Science Notes

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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