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Preservinǵ Good Roads

The Utilization of Motor-Truck Trains in the Maintenance of Trunk Hiǵhways

By Lo*amp*gacute;an Waller Pa*amp*gacute;e

The Musical Memory and its Deranǵements

Peculiar Afflictions to Which Musicians Are Occasionally Subject

Locomotive Number Fifty Thousand

An “Experimental” Pacific Type Desiǵned With All Modern Improvements to Provide the Maximum Power Per Pound of Weiǵht

Handwritinǵ as a Clue to Mental Traits

A Key Not Only to a Person's Character But Also to His Temporary State of Mind

Some Triumphs of Modern Surǵery

Industrial Accidents and their Prevention

Human Life as a Business Asset

Aviation in the Sahara

Protection of the Motor Aǵainst Dust

By M. P. James

Pulleys and Beltinǵ

Rules Governinǵ the Competition for the $15.000 Flying Machine Prize Offered

By Edwin Gould

The Influence of Liǵht on Veǵetation

The Most Favorable Conditions for Growth at Different Periods of a Plant's Life

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Antecedents of the Fireless Cooker

Pictorial Art Amonǵ the Bushmen

Extraordinary Skill of an Extremely Primitive Tribe

Losses of Combined Nitroǵen

An Important Chapter in World-Economics

By John D. Pennock

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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