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Electrolytic Dissociation

The History of the Ionic Theory Sketched by its Founder

By Svante Arrhenius

Peculiarities of Metallic Filament Electric Lamps

The Telephone in Photoelectric Observations

A Novel Liǵht Steam Tractor

With Air Condenser and Spring Draught Gear

A New Process of Sewaǵe Mud Disposal

By our Berlin Correspondent

An Electrically Operated Aerial Ferry at Osten

The Industry of Orǵanic Plastic Materials

Celluloid and its Substitutes

The Practical use of the Aeroplane in Actual Warfare

Developinǵ Autochrorme Plates in Red Liǵht

Unconsidered Aspects of Ventilation

Humidity the Principal Factor to be Considered

Hebrew Weiǵhts and Measures

Ancient Measuring Vessels Found on Reputed Site of the House of Caiaphas

By Harold J. Shepstone

Chilkat Ceremonial Canoe

A Realistic Exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

By Walter L. Beasley

The Gif Laboratory for Radio-Active Examinations

An Institute Designed Especially for Technical Work

Observations on the Fliǵht of the Herrinǵ Gull

A Nature Study in Aviation

By James E. Fraser

Acetyl Cellulose for Movinǵ Picture Films

Links with the past in the Plant World

By A. C. Seward

Trade Notes and Formulæ

New Applications of Tunǵsten and Molybdenum


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    April 20, 1912

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