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Water Supply for the West Australian Gold Fields

By L. E. Shapcott

The Geoloǵy of Dam Trenches

A Scientific Analysis of the Engineering Problems Involved

By Herbert Lapworth

A Curve which Trisects any Anǵle

A Modern Solution of a Classical Problem

By L. L. Thurstone

A City of Poured Houses

Model Dwellings for Wage Earners

The Divine Kinǵs of the Shilluk

Oslerizing Among the African Natives

Monoplane Failures

M. Bleriot's Report to the French Government, which has Caused the War Minister to Suspend the use of Monoplanes in the Army

The Balanced Aquarium

Scientific Methods of Work for the Amateur Zoologist

By Raymond C. Osburn


The Essential Principles of Engineering Practise

By Onward Bates

Enǵineerinǵ Feats and Cheaper Food Supplies

An Alarm to Indicate the Approach of Iceberǵs

The Industrial use of Ozone

An Oxidizing Agent of Varied Applicability

By F. Mollwo Perkin

Patented Toys

Success in this Field more Difficult than Commonly Supposed

Parasitic Adaptation

A Case of Degenerative Evolution from Higher to Lower Forms

By B. M. Underhill

Dr. Henri Martin's Discoveries at La Quina

Reviews of New Books


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