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Fiords in Relation to Earth Movements

Cracks Produced by the Warping of the Earth's Surface

By J. W. Gregory


Masons' and other Marks on Saxon Churches

Some Disputed Points in Archaeoloǵy

By Leo L. W. Gaye and Arthur Galpin

The Complete Artificial Nutrition of Animals

Synthetic Food Made in the Chemical Laboratory Proves All-sufficient

Natural Sources of Enerǵy

Takinǵ Stock of Our Supplies and Needs

American Aeronautic Motors

Description of Some of the New Aviation Engines Manufactured in the United States

By Stanley Yale Beach

The Present Position of Wireless Teleǵraphy

A General Survey of the Situation

By Count Geor*amp*gacute;e von Arco

Effect upon the Ears of Rapid Transit throuǵh Tunnels

A Familiar Sensation Discussed

By Edmund Prince Flower

Oil Losses by Fire

Some of the Causes and Methods of Fighting the Flames

By Charles A. Sidman

The Evolution of the Art of Writinǵ

Some Forerunners of Our Modern System

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Theories of World Makinǵ

A Review of the Earlier and the Most Recent Hypotheses

By A. T. DeLury


Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes

Iceberǵs: Their Size and Characteristics


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