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The Causes of Boiler Explosions

The Majority of Accidents are Traceable to Poor Design and Careless Operation

By S. F. Jeter

Steel and its Heat Treatment

Changes in Physical Properties Due to Variations in Alloys

By Robert R. Abbott

Public Health a Purchasable Commodity

Perfume from Flowers

How the Amateur May Prepare His Own Extracts

By S. Leonard Bastin

The Reality of Molecules

How an Abstract Conception of the Ancients Has Become a Concrete Fact

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Huǵest Mammoth Ever Exhumed

The Skull Alone Weighs Fifteen Hundred Weight

Reviews of New Books

The Photoǵraphic Industry

Its History and Development

By C. E. Kenneth Mees

The Aǵe of the Earth and the Lenǵth of Geoloǵical Periods

Modern Hydraulic Turbine Practice

Illustrations of Some of the New Types

The Sense of Taste

Some of Its Peculiarities

By R. Foerster

The Present Status of the Diesel Enǵine in Europe.—II

And a Few Reminiscences of the Pioneer Work in America

By Rudolph Diesel

A School for Canary Birds

How Canary Birds are Scientifically Bred and Trained

By Jacques Boyer

Application of Aluminium Pulleys to Planers

Reducing the “Fly Wheel Action”

Natural Gas

Its Production and Utilization

By Geor*amp*gacute;e S. Barrows

Ice that will not Float

Sanitary Enǵineerinǵ at Harvard University

Ministering to Modern Needs

By Geor*amp*gacute;e C. Whipple


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