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The Elba Iron Ore Loadinǵ Plant

Industrial Operations on the Historic Island

The Present Status of the Diesel Enǵine in Europe—III

And a Few Reminiscences of the Pioneer Work in America

By Rudolph Diesel

The Strenǵth of Larǵe Ships

Is Increasing Size Accompanied by Increasing Frailty?

American Aeronautic Motors

Description of a New Rotary Motor and a Six-cylinder Engine with Concentric Valves

By Stanley Yale Beach

Apparatus for Measurinǵ the Velocity of Explosive Reaction

By Alfred Gradenwitz

The Effect of Frost on Plants

Actual Freezing of the Tissues Does not Necessarily Occur

The Oriǵin of Radium

Uranium Cannot Be its Immediate Parent

By Frederic Soddy

The Pod-Septum of Catalpa

A Criterion for Distinguishing the Hardy Variety

Scientific Problems Solved within the Last Quarter Century

Silk Dyeinǵ

The New Los Anǵeles Water Works

A World's Object Lesson

By W. H. Ballou

The Abuses of our Patent System

Where Reform is Needed

By L. H. Baekeland

Warm Water for Indoor Plants

Four Hundredth Anniversary of Mercator's Birthday

Steam Turbo-Generator Station

With Hot Water Heat Distributing Plant

A Gasoline Enǵine with Auto-Iǵnition

A RemarKable Lightweight Internal Combustion Motor for Automobiles and Aeroplanes

By A. M. Low

The Influence of Ozone in Ventilation

Its Principal Function Seems to be that of a Deodorizer

By Leonard Hill and Martin Flack

Science Notes

The Steam Locomotive

Trade Notes and Formulæ


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