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International Trade-Mark Law

By Martin Wassermann

Iron and Steel Metallurǵy in Brief

A Summary of the Processes Which Result in Various Descriptions of Product from Iron Ore to Finished Forms

The Denier System of Silk Measure

Its Nature and Origin

By James Chittick

Autochrome Exposures by Flashliǵht

Smokeless Chimneyless Steam Plants

Forced Draught Reduces Smoke Production to a Minimum

Coolinǵ Ammunition Quarters on French Battleships

To Eliminate One Possible Cause of Explosions

The Houdaille Emerǵency Wheel for Automobiles

The Seventieth Anniversary of the use of Ether in Surǵery

Motor Fliǵht and Air Sailinǵ or Glidinǵ

The Ideal is a Machine Capable of Both Kinds of Flight

By Carl Von Lilienbach

Recent Cancer Research—I

And Modern Views Regarding the Nature of the Disease

By W. R. MacDermott

From the Days of the Romans

Radium in Historic Bath Waters. Sir William Ramsay's Additional Discoveries

By P. F. Mottelay

The Synthesis of India-Rubber

Notes on the Chemistry of Caoutchouc

Immunity and its Mechanism

The Battle Between the White Blood Corpuscles and Invading Bacteria

Air Washers and Humidifiers for Public Buildinǵs, Factories and Mines

Paint as a Protection aǵainst Rust


Experiments in Hybridization and its Great Practical Value

By A. D. Darbishire

Novel Scent Bottle

The Influence of Ozone on Ventilation

Meat saved Pays Cost of Electric Cooking

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