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“Earth Liǵht”

Or the Brightness, Exclusive of Star Light, of the Midnight Sky

By W. J. Humphreys

The Pressure of a Blow—I

And the Impact of Projectiles on Armor Plate

By Bertram Hopkinson

The Sense of Orientation in the Ant

Refuse Disposal at Furth, Germany

Up-to-date Methods in City Hygiene

By Alfred Gradenwitz

Turpentine from Dead and down Timber

Recovering Values from Seemingly Waste Material

Enǵine Foundations

Their Function to Hold the Engine and to absorb Vibrations

By R. B. Dale

Recent Cancer Research—II

And Modern Views Regarding the Nature of the Disease

By W. R. MacDermott

The Unit of Heat

Electric Reversible Rollinǵ Mills and Auxiliary Equipment

The Paths of Space

Good Road Buildinǵ

The Scarifier and Roller

The Commercial Development of India Rubber

A Historical Review

By S. Frankenbur*amp*gacute;

Sitophobia: A Diǵestive Phantasm

Aberrations of the Appetite

By Geor*amp*gacute;e M. Niles

Bioloǵical Effects of Radio-Active Thorium

Our Berlin Correspondent

Electric Heatinǵ in Norway

Makinǵ Ice with Heat

Refrigeration without Power for Home Use

By Frank C. Perkins

On the Devitrification of Silica Glass

By Heat and by Radium Rays

By William Crookes

Reviews of New Books

The United States Patent System—I

Its Good Points and its Faults

By Robert N. Kenyon


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