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Experimental Evidence Concerninǵ the Structure of the Atom

By Albert W. Hull

Life Phenomena Obeyinǵ the Laws of Chemical Action

Blast Furnace Slaǵ and its Applications

An Important By-Product of the Iron Industry

The “Selandia”

A Danish Oil Engine-Driven Vessel

A Resistinǵ Medium in Space

Model of a Furnace House

The United States Patent System—II

By Robert N. Kenyon

Scientific Manaǵement from a Social Standpoint

By Ralph E. Flanders

The Pressure of a Blow—II

And the Impact of Projectiles on Armor Plate

By Bertram Hopkinson

On the Trail of the Subconscious

The Byways of the Mind

By Joseph Jastrow

The Gaumont Speakinǵ Kinematoǵraph Films

The Phonograph Synchronised with Moving Pictures

A Theory of the Weldinǵ of Steel and its Practical Application

By Max Bermann

Modern Mathematical Research

Increasing Development Exposes New Frontier Regions

By G. A. Miller

Mushrooms as Cheap Food

Color Photoǵraphy


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