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Tests of Vacuum Cleaner Apparatus

Comparison of the Performance of Different Nozzles and Pumps

By M. S. Cooley

An Example of Motion Study

And Some General Reflections on the Subject

By Charles S. Miller

The Tatin-Paulhan Aero-Torpedo

A Successful Rear-propeller Machine

By John Jay Ide

Temperature and the Properties of Matter

From Absolute Zero to Six Thousand Degrees Centigrade

By E. F. Northrup

Some Japanese Scientists

Prominent Figures in the Renaissance of the East

The San Joaquin Hydro-electric Power Installation

By F. C. Perkins

Industrial Developments in India

American Enterprise on British Soil

By Hartley M. Phelps

Cold Storage of Furs and Fabrics

The Modern Method of Preserving Goods from the Attacks of the Moth

By E. F. Tweedy

The Body Shape of Fishes

Water Pressure as the Determining Cause

By Fr. Houssay

The Fine Adjustment of Microscopes

Some of the Principal Modern Types

By H. Lloyd Hind

Baldness and Grayness

Their Cause and Prevention

The Manufacture of Balls for Ball Bearings

There Are Four Distinct Stages in the Process

By L. B. Winton

Trade Notes and Formulæ

Science Notes


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