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The Ultra-Microscope

And Its Application to the Study of Colloids

By E. Jobling

The Nitrogen Enrichment of Soils

Sir William Herschel

The Greatest Telescopist of All Times

By G. H. Darwin

Some Experiments on the Hydrolysis of Sawdust

Sugar and Alcohol from Wood

By Wallace P. Cohoe

The Origin of Novæ

The Vibrations of Telephone Diaphragms

An Experimental Investigation

By Charles F. Meyer and J. B. Whitehead

Experimental Research in Aeronautics

Report of a Year's Work at the National Physical Laboratory, England

Electrically Operated Bascule Bridges

The “Heel Trunnion” Type

Screening as an Anti-Malaria Measure

A Contribution on the Value of Screened Dwellings in Malarial Regions

By A. J. Orenstein

Substitutes for Hard Rubber and Celluloid

Temperature Tests on Superheater Locomotives

The Influence of the Conditions of Working

The Action of Radium Rays on Blue Sapphires and Blue Rock Salt

By A. Miethe

Reading a Book-Page Instantaneously

A Case of Unique Visual Power

By George M. Gould

Trade Notes and Formulae


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