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Failure of Navigable Pas Foundation, Ohio River Dam

The Bubonic Plague—I

Its Menace to the United States of America

By Howard D. King

The Airship as an Adjunct in Geophysical Studies

Landscape Features Disclosed in Bird's Eye View

The Eighth International Congress of Applied Chemistry—II

A Survey of Some of the Principal Papers Presented

Celestial Motions Considered on the Principle of Relativity

Velocities of Heavenly Bodies Gaged on a Comparative Scale

By E. E. Markwick

Electrolysis from Stray Currents—II

Damage Caused to Underground Structures

By Albert F. Ganz

The Technical Problems of Coal Preparation

Waste by Attrition Must be Kept Down to a Minimum

By W. S. Ayres

A New Alloy with Acid-Resisting Properties

By S. W. Parr

An Experimental Study of Vortex Motion in Liquids—I

Lord Kelvins's Smoke-ring Model of the Atom

By Edwin F. Northrup

Testing Lubricants

A Machine for Studying Them Under Actual Working Conditions

Use of Fuels in the United States Navy

By H. I. Cone

New Books, Etc.


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